HBV Cure Meeting 2021 Online

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The Science of Functional Cure

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (SGT)

Understanding immune mechanisms of HBV functional cure: a T cell perspective
– Dr. Carolina Boni
cccDNA silencing or elimination?
– Prof. Massimo Levrero
Intrahepatic Immunology – The key to Understanding CHB?
– Prof. Mala Maini
Free Paper: Role of anti-HBs in functional cure of HBeAg (+) CHB patients infected with genotype A
– Dr. Nadia Warner
Free Paper: Perspectives on immune regulatory mechanisms underlying the functional cure of CHB
– Dr. Narmada BC


Inhibiting Viral Replication

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (SGT)

Discovery and Development of Novel Inhibitors of HBV Core Protein for the Treatment for CHB
– Dr. William Delaney
Entry Inhibitors for HBV/HDV
– Prof. Heiner Wedemeyer
Potential of HBV Capsid Assembly Modulators to Achieve Functional Cure
– Prof. Ju-Tao Guo
Free Paper: Preparation and characterisation of adjuvant loaded HBV capsids for therapeutic vaccine against CHB
– Dr. Jinpeng Su
Free Paper: Dual role of neddylation for transcription of HBV RNAs from cccDNA and expression of viral surface protein
– Dr. Bingqian Qu


Reduce Viral Antigen Burden

7:30 pm – 9:55 pm (SGT)

Clinical overview of AB-729, a potent siRNA in development for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection
– Dr. Gaston Picchio
HBV siRNA (RG6346): Significant & Durable reductions of HBsAg levels
– Dr. Cynthia Wat
Bepirovirsen Phase 2a Data Implying Potential Dual Mechanism of Action
– Dr. Shihyun You
Nucleic acid polymers: Biochemistry, molecular mechanism and application in the achievement of functional cure
– Prof. Andrew Valliant
The Potential of RNAi and NAPs
– Prof. Edward Gane
Free Paper: Phosphoproteome profiling unravels rewiring of host kinome and signalling pathways during early HBV infection
– Dr. Zijie Lim
Free Paper: Probing the spatiotemporal patterns of HBV multiplication reveals novel features of its subcellular processes
– Dr. Xiaonan Zhang


Immune Modulation in CHB

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (SGT)

Toll-like Receptor 8 Agonist Selgantolimod for HBV Cure
– Dr Shahzada Khan
Innate immune modulators in HBV Cure
– Prof. Kumar Visvanathan
Adaptive Immunity in HBV infection
– Prof. Antonio Bertoletti
When and how to use immune modulators?
– Prof. Robert Thimme
Free Paper: Loss of HBsAg in CHB is associated with intra hepatic NK cell phenotype with enhanced activation status
– Dr. Sriram Narayanan
Free Paper: Intrahepatic T cell phenotypic characteristics in functionally cured patients
– Dr. Atefeh Khapoor


 The Future of  HBV Functional Cure

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (SGT)

Debate: Functional cure can only be achieved with antiviral therapy For Against
– For: Prof. Pei-Jer Chen / Against: Dr. Adam Gehring
Hepatitis B Virus DNA Integration and Functional Cure
– Dr. Thomas Tu
What are the biomarkers as early response indicators?
– Prof. Marc Ghany
The strategies to achieve HBV functional cure
– Prof. Fabien Zoulim
Free Paper: HBV cccDNA is completely lost after mitosis of infected cells
– Dr. Thomas Tu
Free Paper: Identification and validation of HBx regulatory proteins
– Dr. Ramesh Kumar